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    CONTACT US Name Email Phone Relation to Whitman: Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting!

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    NEWS Whitman Wire Feature Recently the WOJ was featured in an articles of Whitman's newspaper, the Whitman Wire. Our Chief Editor, Arden Hunt, and our Layout Editor, Gwen Marbet, were both interviewed for the article. Read More Story Submission If you have a story that you would like to share with us about a meaningful experience you had in the outdoors, no matter how big or small it may seem, please feel free to reach out to us about writing a story to be published either here on our website or in our magazine. Contact Us Contact Us If you would like to reach out to us, you can either contact us at or by filling out the form below. Contact Us

  • Student Artwork | Whitman Outdoor Journal

    Student Artwork Above the Treetops Taken in the back country of the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara, California. High Sierra Sunset Taken in the summer of 2022, this image was captured by a student in the Sierra Nevada mountains south of Lone Pine, California. Frozen in Time This hummingbird was photographed by a student on a farm in Southern California. The First Snow over Walla Walla This image was taken by a student in the mountains South-East of Walla Walla in early November 2022.

  • Whitman Outdoor Journal

    The Whitman Outdoor Journal: The stories and artwork of Whitman Students, Faculty, and Alumni About the Outdoor Journal Founded by students in 2022, the Whitman Outdoor Journal provides a space for Whitman community members to share their outdoor experiences. About the Team Magazine CONTACT US Name Email Phone Whitman Class of: Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting! Please feel free to reach out to us if you are a current student, faculty, or alumni would like to pitch a story to us!

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    Stories Our Goal: We founded the Whitman Outdoor Journal in order to document and publish incredible stories from Whitman students, faculty, and alumni in the outdoors. As we finish to documenting and editing there stories, we will publish them here as individual posts. Next spring, when we have enough stories, we will publish a magazine containing these stories as well as artwork from students. The magazine will be available both in print copy was well as digitally in the 'Magazine' page. ​ -The WOJ Staff December 2022 Have a story that you would like to tell? Get in touch so we can start working together. First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • About | Whitman Outdoor Journal

    The Foundation The WOJ was founded in 2022 by members of the class of '25 and supported by a group of current Whitman students. The WOJ is recognized by and funded in part by the Associated Students of Whitman College (AWSC). Contact Us Our Team Chief Editor Harrison Whittemore Harrison, our Founder, Co-President and Head of Layout is a junior BB&C major from Boulder, Colorado. When he’s outside you can find him climbing, skiing or just taking in the views. Harrison founded the WOJ from various visions and ideas ultimately hoping it can act as a conduit to building connection and improving DEIA in Whitman’s outdoor community. It’s been a massive task to reconcile accessibility, but he believes that by diversifying local outdoor representation and promoting wats we can help each other overcome barriers is a solid place to start! Head of Outreach Arden Hunt Arden, our Co-President and Head of Outreach is a junior psychology major, race and ethnic studies and economic minor from Bellingham, Washington. When she’s not skiing, climbing or backpacking, she enjoys baking, watching movies and playing games. Arden decided to join the WOJ because she loved the idea of sharing people’s stories of their experiences in the outdoors and wanted to make the dream of the WOJ become a reality. Co-President Gwen Marbet Gwen Marbet, our Co-President and Head of Copy Editing is a sophomore ES-Geo major from Seattle, Washington. Gwen works on backcountry trail crews and is a wildland firefighter in the Northern Cascades. In Walla Walla she works on Hayshaker Farm and enjoys volunteering with the Blue Mountain Land Trust. She decided to join the WOJ to create space for people to share their experiences in the outdoors and connect with others. Chief Journalist and Budget Manager Mikio Yap Mikio Yap, our Finance Manager and Co-Head of Outreach is a junior ES-Anthropology, Japanese double major from Bellevue, Washington. He enjoys concerts, fortnight, skiing, horse packing and loves fishing! Mikio decided to join the WOJ because he realized that there are so many valuable stories within the Whitman community that were being untold. There is so much that people can learn from each other and living in a world that is more and more interconnected via technology leaves little time to find something that helps you disconnect for a bit. Chief Photo Editor Colby Ramsey Colby Ramsey, our head of Visual Media is a junior physics major from Snoqualmie, Washington. He enjoys backpacking, climbing and skiing in addition to soccer, photography and games. Colby decided to join the WOJ because of Whitmans long-standing history of being an outdoorsy community and wanting to share these experiences with others in hopes to inspire more people to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Social Media Manager Hali Lindgren Hali is an avid climber, backpacker and photographer who strives to share her love for the outdoors! ​ Web Designer Ben So far no one else has figured out how to edit the website to they can't make me have a normal bio. That also (unfortunately) means that I am the only person to blame for the typos and mistakes on the website. Web Team Aidan Aidan is a first year computer science major from Walla Walla, Washington. He enjoys skiing through the trees at Bluewood in addition to climbing, hiking, video editing and jazz. Visual Media Team Ava F Ava is a first year ES-Bio major from Culver City, California. Her favorite place to recreate is the redwoods in Northern California and enjoys weaving, backpacking, running, hiking and of course, a good tree! Ava decided to join the WOJ because she wanted to share her enthusiasm for the outdoors and show that you can have adventures anywhere, even in your backyard! Layout Team Ava J Ava is a sophomore BB&C major from Fairbanks, Alaska. She enjoys reading, baking, backpacking, cross country and downhill skiing. Ava decided to join the WOJ because she wanted to meet other people who love spending time outdoors and hear about their adventures! Web Designer Hana I don't have Hana's bio so I have no idea what to write here but I should be able to fix that by 6pm PST on December 13th, 2023. Visual Media Team Henry Henry is a first year ES-Geo major from Portland, Oregon. His favorite place to recreate is in the Mt. Hood Wilderness of Oregon and enjoys photography, skateboarding, skiing and backpacking. Henry joined the WOJ because he was looking for a friendly community at Whitman who also believes in sharing the outdoors with everyone and making it more accessible to all. Outreach Team Ingrid Ingrid is a first year Bio-Geo major from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She enjoys canoeing, nordic skiing and biking in addition to jazz music, baking and wool sweaters. Ingrid decided to join the WOJ to help get everyone’s awesome stories out in the world, no matter how big or small! Editing Team Leah Leah is a first year ES-Bio major from Boise, Idaho. Her favorite place to recreate is in McCall, Idaho and enjoys skiing, wake surfing, soccer, family and coffee. Leah decided to join the WOJ because of her passion reading, writing and the outdoors. She wanted to be part of helping share meaningful stories of the Whitman communities outdoor experiences. Outreach Marrion Marion is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington with a major in indignity race and ethnicity studies and a minor in rhetoric. Her favorite place to recreate is the BC coast mountains and she enjoys ceramics, the beach, kayaking and skiing. Marion decided to join the WOJ because she believes that sharing stories builds community. Finance Team Monyati Monyati is a first year from Jordan. Her favorite place to recreate is Niagara Falls and she enjoys cooking, reading, backpacking, hiking and swimming. Monyati decided to join the WOJ because of an interest in recording special moments and allowing others to experience the outdoors. Outreach Team Nia Nia is a first year from Bend, Oregon who enjoys trail running, climbing and backpacking. When she’s not outdoors you can find her making/looking at art, cuddling dogs or eating breakfast. Nia decided to join the WOJ to share stories of various adventures and meet lots of cool people! Visual Media Team Sophie Sophie is a first year ES-Bio major from Corbett, Oregon. She enjoys taking her horses out on the trail, camping, cooking and concerts. Soph decided to join the WOJ because of her passion to promote and talk about diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors. Layout Team Theo Theo is a first year from Highland Park, Illinois who enjoys live music, basketball, climbing and skiing. His favorite place to recreate is in Joshua Tree National Park in California. Theo decided to join the WOJ because the outdoors are dope and he’d like to get everyone outside having a good time. Layout Team Gus he hates hiking

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